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I have over 35 years experience in running my own businesses..... Marketing Guru....
                                                will small budgets

Tommy Denham
Marketing Director
" Strive for perfection knowing that you will never achieve that goal but coming up a little  short will place you that much further ahead of your competition  "
     Growing up in a business environment. My mother owned several grocery stores... I was standing on a milk crate running a cash register at 7 years old as my mother stood behind me. Making sure I said "Hello, Thank You, Come Back, and so on. Every time I didn't say those things she'd thump my head.....Learning Listens that I still use today you might say they've been driven into my brain.

Starting my first business using a bottle room from one of my mother's grocery stores, I started Tom's Play Room a fun center. Going on to owning 2 franchise restaurants over 24 years. Where I became one of the youngest owners at the age of 23 years old. Receiving the Franchise's highest award. Being published in a national restaurant magazine. The time of the sale on one of the restaurants we ranked in the top 100 out of over 6000 restaurants. Increasing sales 22 years out of 24 years. I was a training store for franchisees. I was in a country video, and I've even had a poem published.
Selling out of the fast-food business I started a Flea Market business and a BBQ Restaurant. Selling one closing the other.
Going to college for computer programming I really had no need for computers in the restaurant business so I lost out on the times of the WWW never-ending change. I decided to get back in the computer world leading me up to
starting U Cars & Trucks .com.

Now we have grown over the last few years to which I have to now branch off and continue to grow in other areas of business. Helping business owners like yourself have name recognition on the world wide web. We will help market your business with web site design than promote your business all over the www.

We are also experienced with building sales, Stat control, theft control, advice on building your business in different areas plus much more......... Give us a call to set up an appointment .. We can set down talk about our service and prices...
Very Affordable..... Great R.O.I. Return on Investment

Thank You

Tommy D


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   BPS Web Design Ad Agency was a needed service in my community. So many small business owners have their hands full running the everyday duties ensuring profitability. Time is something that's becoming harder and harder to find. This is where BPS Web Design Ad Agency Helps.

   We will honestly work to the best of our ability to earn your business.  I have been in & out of business my entire life. I've made money and I've lost money. One thing I did was work I've put in those 110 hour work weeks,  no weekends, no time for me day,  the day off employee sickness issues and so on... You Know......
     We will take care of the World Wide Web
for your business.
 I look forward to talking with you!   Possible working with your business & learning about the goals that you have set for your business venture. 
  We have a Plan that I fill will be Fair and Honest. That will fit your budget $$  

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   Company Profile

   We are a privately owned company founded in 2009. We started in the automotive industry and evolved into a full-service business marketing company with expertise across all relevant points of business. Today we successfully manage over 100 web sites in one State
16 counties and set to start growing all across the United States. We are a provider of a wide variety of services, ranging from single source turnkey web sites to setting up yearly budgets, yearly marketing plan along with stat control sheets to insure profitability and long-lasting marketing strategies.

   When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. We provide outstanding "backstage" support to our business owner operations that make promotions run smoothly and successively.  We maintain a steady workforce of skilled technicians on point so that all promotions proceed trouble-free to the conclusion. 

   You will find that our technicians take great pride in both the quality of their work and the visual promotion of your business product. 

​​We Specialize in Marketing
your Business